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Raw, Vegan, Organic, Gluten free Restaurant.

Happyraw exclusive Italian food, raw food restaurant in Italy and in the world.
Raw foodism is now recognized as the most healty and tasty feeding.

The luxury of a healthy nutrition.
If you think that feed on raw food means to eat only salads, you are wrong; the raw recipes, if well prepared, can satisfy also the palate of the most demanding gourmets, accustomed to the taste of cooked food.

Don\’t you have time or want to prepare a raw recipe on your own??
Rely on our raw Chef, they are experts of nutrition, of taste and strictly raw vegans. Have you ever tried a quality raw food dish? The momento has arrived to satisfay your curiosity and to taste delicious raw recipes, we wait for you in our Happyraw Natural Restaurants.
We also offer the Take away service

☞ All our recipes are prepared exclusively with plant origin food of certified organic origina and complitely gluten free.


  • Appetizers


    Raw appetizers

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  • Rich salads

    Rich salads

    Raw salads

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  • Soups


    Our raw soups are freshly prepared and served warm.

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  • First dish

    First dish

    Raw first dishes to taste

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  • Second courses

    Second courses

    Raw second courses to taste

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  • Raw desserts

    Raw desserts

    Raw desserts

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  • Extracts & Smoothies

    Extracts & Smoothies

    All juices are cold-extracted at low speed and freshly prepared,
    waiting time min. 10 minutes.

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  • ristoranti-senza-glutine

    Looking for gluten-free restaurants?
    You found us!

    Celiac disease and gluten are not a problem for us, we only offer gluten-free foods.